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For the final phase of this Blog Portfolio I shall be writing about the finest places in Rostrevor to eat, drink and be merry. So if you want to know the best places in Rostrevor for a Sumptuous Dinner or a Cozy Pint then stay tuned




Situated not far from Cloughmore is an area of outstanding natural beauty known as Kodak Corner, another viewpoint but rest assured you will love it. You follow the path on the other side of Cloughmore. The Path then takes you upwards and be warned this path also (Rather Frustratingly) is also a cycle trail so keep your eyes open for cyclists. They should consider traffic lights for the path. you follow the path through a spot of woodland until you step out onto a magnificent view

Kodak Corner is truly a beautiful spot as you look down upon Carlingford Lough and far out to sea and all the surrounding greenery. They say a picture paints a thousand words but they apply that to views as well I think. This area is popular for both walkers and cyclists and especially on bright sunny days. I would recommend you bring a picnic and your camera and your dog of course.


Situated beside Cloughmore lies Slieve Martin and I can tell you the climb up this one is a little more challenging than Cloughmore. You will definitely need your walking boots for this one for as someone who often climbs mountains it is very frustrating seeing people climb mountains in trainers, slip on shoes and in one instance High Heels (I’m not joking). Interesting fact People walk in thier bare feet doing the Croagh Patrick pilgrimage however I don’t think that will catch on here in Rostrevor.

To return to the subject at hand, to access the path to Slieve you turn to the left pathway opposite to the road to Cloughmore. As I just said this path is more challenging than climbing to the stone but after all we all enjoy a challenge. To describe the path it consists of 3 Zig Zag like pathways that take you the Cairn pathway which technically counts as another hill. The first Path is quite easy and prepares you for the more tougher paths

Once you reach the second path then the challenge on your legs begin, the path gets steeper and leads you on upwards. The climb may be tough but the forest scenery around you adds an ambiance of tranquility and beauty. As the path leads on upwards you see nothing but the winding path and trees on either side but the aesthetic of nature and adventure drives you to further proceed.

As you can see in the above photo, this area presents a perfect opportunity for photographs, thing about it, the enclosing trees and winding pathway, if you have an eye for detail then this area gives you enough beauty and detail to capture to your hearts content. As you come towards the final Zig Zag path, you have but one more push to get you up this final hurdle. You will of course notice the trees become slightly more denser and are all painted green by the moss making it more mysterious and picturesque. Again another chance for some creative photography.

You should see what this part is like in foggy weather, it looks very mysterious and spooky like something out of a horror movie. However to continue as the final path ends you walk out into open ground atop the mountain with the other mountains and world below surrounding you like a picture perfect postcard. There is but one more hill to climb to reach the Cairn but it will be worth it as you drag your exhausted, tired legs up the hill

Finally you reach the Cairn and are rewarded for your efforts with a magnificent view of the world below. Again like Cloughmore one wishes they had wings and could fly down from atop the mountain. It would be wonderful to be able to do that. Again the view is so picturesque and the welcome reward after the tough climb. I do believe in January after the gluttony of Christmas (Pardon the religious terminology) walk up Slieve Martin Everyday, the tradition is called Cairnuary and perhaps something writer should consider next year.

Anyway Thanks for reading this Post and stay tuned for a post on Kodak Corner


To begin with Cloughmore is the Irish word for Stone or more correctly Big Stone. People however seem call it Cloughmore Stone which is quite ridiculous as they basically saying Stone Big Stone. So you just need to call it Cloughmore. The legend goes that a Giant known as Finn McCool threw the stone a great distance onto the Mountaintop during the last ice age. Quite a fascinating story and you can read a more detailed telling on sites about the Mournes.

At the point of digressing Let me be your guide on how to reach Cloughmore, from the Cafe/Playground you can proceed by either two routes. You can drive up to the Mountain Car Park or you could take the forest path. I would recommend the forest path as not only would it be lazy to drive but the journey up is much more pleasant and charming.

I would strongly recommend you wear walking boots as the path can be a little steep and in the wet weather a trifle slippy so be aware of that. The walk up is very please, the first few minutes the path is quite steep then becomes more relaxed. you have up on one side the road for those who drive up. below on the other side flows the river. The sound of the flowing/running water makes you feel serene and calm as you journey on up. As you continue to journey up you arrive to a flat path and it takes you to a small stairway besides which runs a small waterfall but it is beautiful to look at.

You can stop here to sit and admire the woodland or even better take a few photographs, it’s the perfect spot for it. It is such a picturesque area to be in and why would you would drive up rather than take the scenic route and save money on fuel. The path then proceeds on up to the Mountain Car Park but there is one more hill to climb however there is a forest pathway which will take you there quicker rather than than risking yourself on the roadside path. It is a lovely path to walk up and if you keep your eye open you may spot a Squirrel or two. As I said this path is quicker getting up to the Car Park and another scenic route.

At Last you arrive at the Car Park, the way to Cloughmore lies on the right as the left turn will take you up to Slieve Martin and there will be a another post on that lovely spot later. There are a variety of ways up to Cloughmore, there is a steeper path down from the main path however the main pathway is more lenient on your legs. Here you make your up towards the stone and the landscape as you climb is like a patchwork quilt of fields spreading on till the ends of the earth. It is a rewarding experience as you proceed on up with such a view on the other side. It is a rewarding experience as you proceed on up with such a view on the other side. It also makes you realize how rewarding exercise can be

Interesting note as you come towards the end of the path upon which there is a left turn to take you to the Stone. As you proceed towards the end of the path it looks like you have come to the edge of the mountain and are level with the sun. On a day if the sun is shinning on that spot it feel like you are walking into the sun

Finally you reach the stone and you can revel in the stunning beauty and magnificence of the Stone and the spectacular view of the picturesque landscape from atop Cloughmore. The stone also features carvings and writings carved on by people over the years. Let’s be honest Finn McCool picked the right spot to throw this stone on.

From standing atop this spot you can see how CS Lewis was inspired to create Narnia, it channels the inner artist or lover of beauty within us. To use an appropriate phrase “A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words” You could stay up here for ages taking photos from all the right angles and perspectives or just sit here and reveal in your surroundings. I have been up to this spot so many times and I never tire of how beautiful it is up here. You can even climb up onto the stone although I have never had much luck in doing that but I wish I could then I would really feel on top of the world. Looking down onto such a magnificent view you wish you could sprout wings and fly down.

before drawing to a conclusion on this post I would like to refer to you a more scenic route to go home by, that Being Fiddlers Green. if you go down the other side of Cloughmore you will find a path that takes you down through the Forest. Again make sure you are wearing walking boots as as chances of falling are very high. The Path will then take you down past an open clearing known as Fiddlers green with a bench to sit and admire the natural beauty. During Rostrevor’s Annual Summer Fiddlers Green Festival people gather in this spot as musicians perform here. This area makes the descent as much as a treat as the stone itself.

Cloughmore overall is such a nice place to visit and reveal in one of Rostrevor’s loveliest spots.

Stay Tuned for the Next Post on Slieve Martin


The Narnia Trail pays tribute to the magical stories created within Cs Lewis’s ingenious imagination. It is a lovely place to explore and of course photograph, everywhere you look you will see a tribute/motiff to the Magical Land and it’s wonderful unforgettable characters. Your own imagination is likely to go wild as you venture on your quest. Here You will uncover the many secrets and beautiful sights within the Narnia Trail


It was through a wardrobe that young Lucy first stepped into the magic of Narnia and indeed you will feel the same as you step through the wardrobe entrance to begin your Narnian adventure. Paying tribute to “The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe” The Entrance will indeed make you feel your stepping into another world


Like in the book the first sight in Narnia Lucy beheld was a Lamp Post ready to light the way. As you approach you have a light to lead your way through trail and now this Lamp has recently been lit. There are two paths to choose from as you approach both left and right will show the wonder and beauty of the Narnia Trail. If you should get lost and when it gets dark and spooky then never fear the light will lead you to safety.


4 Thrones and as prophesied in the story 2 Thrones for 2 Kings and 2 Thrones for 2 Queens. Each throne is differently crafted but all 4 look beautiful within the woodland adding an extra layer of natural beauty. These thrones are one of the nicest parts of the trail and the perfect opportunity for photographs and the chance to let the Wife feel like a queen for the day. Don’t forget to bring your Crown


Nestled among the trees are these quaint little dwellings where the animal Folk dwell. If you ask nicely maybe they’ll invite you in for a Cup of Tea, if you can fit through the door that is. These tree houses are very quaint looking and add to the quaint ambiance, you’d almost expect a Squirrel to pop out and hang up her washing. Perfect for photo opportunities especially on a nice spring days walk.


The fantasy like atmosphere is heightened by these two fortresses. One the Castle of Cair Paravel where the heroes reside, the other The Castle of the Evil White Witch. Choose your side carefully! This entrant is the perfect thing for the imaginations of children, after all who wouldn’t want to live in a castle.


The first Citizen of Narnia Lucy met was the charming fawn Mr Tumnus whom invited her for Tea. This is the first of many wood carved figures which are as charming as the Characters of Narnia themselves. The bench also gives one a chance to rest during thier adventure and revel in the beauty of the area


In a quaint clearing lies the Beavers residence, it is just as charming as it is the story. You can even go inside and have a look around. Another perfect spot for pictures and just a chance to soak in that natural narnian beauty. A fantastic carving of Mr Beaver also stands close by to welcome visitors to his home. Currently he does not offer B&B


Evil servants of the White Witch these hungry wolves keep an eye out for bad behaved children or even just lost travelers for thier elevenses. Nestled among the woodland these wolves add a touch of villainy amongst the charming figures. Make sure your Dog behaves himself too


If you think your not alone then you would be right as Tree People are also watching you and protecting the trail from Litterbugs. Standing tall they look as quaint and picturesque as the surrounding normal trees. Another perfect opportunity for Photos with the family although I think Tree Folk don’t like selfies, they must have GDPR in Narnia now.


It was upon a stone table that Aslan the Lion was killed by the White Witch then rose back to life upon which the Stone Table cracked as death itself was reversed for the Great Lion to vanquish the White Witch. Thankfully this one is in good condition but please don’t kill anyone on it . The detail in this is exquisite down to the masonry and detailed writing on the sides.


No your not dreaming yes there are big heads in the ground watching you. Who need Garden Gnomes when you could have these in your garden, maybe to scare away unwanted visitors. Nestled amongst the earth they are very picturesque and add to the atmosphere. If you are taking photographs then they request you get thier good side.


Last but not least is Aslan the King of Narnia and possibly the Best looking of all the carvings, the amount of detail put into capturing his look is magnificent. You absolutely must plan to get photos here as this carving is 100% Picture Perfect. He looks especially amazing on a nice sunny day when the sun shines brightly reflecting the magic and majesty of his Character.

For Further exploration of the Magic of Narnia, Watch the video below


Situated right beside the lovely Fairy Glen is Kilbroney Park once private land that formed part of the vast Ross Estate. Kilbroney Park or the Meadow as its also known locally was made open to the public in the 1970’s and was undoubtedly the right call as keeping such a lovely area private would be such a waste. As you stand at the gate you are given a “Huge Sneak Peak” of the outstanding natural beauty surrounding you. By following the path it will bring you further into the beauty of Kilbroney Park

As you proceed up the path you are brought into an open beautiful area surrounded by tress and in the background the Mourne Mountains stand dominantly. You could say this is the Kingdom of the Mournes. In a season like Spring the park looks beautiful with the Autumn/Winter shades fading away and spring/summer flowers and blossoms beginning to bloom. There are many areas to explore within here, the path will take you to a fork, The path on the left takes you up towards the Caravan Park, Playground, Coffee Shop and Narnia Trail. Straight on takes you on through the park. The walk will take you to the end of the park and as you proceed you see in front of you the waters of Carlingford Lough which is truly a beautiful sight.

Within the Park lies the Narnia Trail but the next post will give more information on what to see there. To get into Kilbroney Park by Car then follow the shore road and it will take you up to the the turn to the park with straight on taking you up to the Caravan Park, the turn on the left will take you into the park and down into the parking area. On a good day the Car Park is bunged

The area leading up to the Caravan park as mentioned is a lovely spot to walk as you see both sides the park as you walk up. When you arrive at the red brick building, you have arrived at the Synge and Byrne Coffee shop. You should pop in for Coffee and a Bun (Maybe Two) go on you know you want to, you cant have an adventure without a treat.

Thanks for reading Kilbroney Park and I hope it will encourage you to visit.

Stay tuned for the Post on the Magical Narnia Trail


This part of the blog will focus on some of the best places to visit and explore in Rostrevor and I thought it would be appropriate to begin with one of the nicest beautiful places to go for a walk. The Fairy Glen is situated beside the stone bridge into the Village and right beside the Fairy Glen. Reflecting on the name it sounds like the place is home to wee winged folk however there have been no official confirmed fairy sightings but you never know. Anyway as you walk, the path keeps you close to the flowing river and you can enjoy a tranquil walk with the calming sound of the flowing water in the background.

The walk by the riverside with Kilbroney Park on the other side of the wall takes you past the Football Pitch where many Epic Battles have taken place, I’m talking about the football of course in case your wondering. The path then brings to a crossroad of sorts with the Straight on Path leading you on further into the glen and the right-side Path taking you up a flight of Stone steps towards the Park. As the path progresses onwards you are treated to a view of the Mourne Mountains which is truly spectacular, river on one side and mountains on the other you are truly spoiled here.

The Fairy Glen is such a lovely place to walk in all seasons from Summer, Autumn, Winter to Spring. The perfect place to walk the dogs, walk with family of friends or if your a passionate photographer then get out your camera and capture everything till the sun goes down. I myself always enjoy a walk in the Fairy Glen with my camera and there is so much you can photograph in the Fairy Glen and so many angles you can capture it from. You never know you might get a picture of one of the Fairy Folk or if you ask nicely she’ll pose for a selfie. Anyway I seem to be digressing so to continue the path moves on towards one of the loveliest spots in the Glen, The Waterfall. It might not be as big as the Torch Waterfall in Kerry but it is still a beautiful sight. to behold.

I remember years ago I used to climb across the rocks of the waterfall as kid and never fell in the River (Good at Climbing I guess) The waterfall also looks truly spectacular when the flow of the water is heavy and the water crashes down the rocks ready to sweep you into the sea should you fall in.

As said before The Fairy Glen is beautiful in all seasons, so here is a picture of it with the spring sunlight shinning through the trees.

The path will continue and lead you to the end of the path at the ForestBrook Estate. But the adventure does not have to end there, if you turn to the right the path takes you further into the woodland and up towards the park.


Anyway I hope this post will encourage to journey into the Fairy Glen and maybe spot a fairy or two. Stay tuned for the next post on Kilbroney Park. For another look at the Fairy Glen then check out the Video below